museFX.com is a portal to new, innovative and wonderfully unpopular music and to museFX Records, a vendor of fine music.

museFX Records is a company dedicated to finding, producing and recording great performances of music by the next generation of great "new" artists in Jazz, Latin (Salsa), World Music and Music as Art. We are also dedicated to producing "established" artists that are well known and revered by their distinguished peers, but who have been underexposed, unrecognized and under-appreciated by the general public.

museFX is located in Los Angeles California, if you are purchasing our music from out of state there are no sales taxes charged. Our fellow Californians will be charged our local sales tax rate. Shipping outside of the United States will be quoted on an individual basis, contact us here for a quote prior to placing your order.

All orders are processed within 24 hrs. Please allow 7 to 10 days from the time of placing your order for delivery. Our delivery schedule is effected by heavy holiday shipping and postal schedules. You can always receive an update on your order by contacting us here.

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